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Balangandas Bijoux

Make-A-Wish Necklace - Blue

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About this necklace

The symbolism is the mirror of our interiority and spirituality, capable of generating emotional and spiritual transformations in us. They have always been used to evoque the energy that is currently shaping our future.

The messages that these symbols communicate have always assumed a fundamental value for mankind, for this reason the history of all civilization is full of symbols.

The Make-a-Wish necklace 100% Hand Made using recycled materials. 


Make a wish and write it down, mentalizing  with all your energy, and place inside the necklace. Get a little help with symbols, you can choose 3 charms, after you purchase e-mail us your choices ( and GOOD LUCK!

Charms & Meaning

1 Fish - in the Chinese art of Feng Shui it is a symbol of prosperity and victory

2 Fourleaf Clover - in the ancient traditions of the Celtic peoples, whoever possessed it would have the luck of the gods

3 Horseshoe - for the Greeks iron was the most powerful of the elements that protects from all evil

4 Key - symbolizes wished related to changes 

5 Thin Cross - traditional Latin cross, symbolizes faith

6 Star -  as a source of light  its associated with celestial symbolism, in magic it is considered an important symbol of energy

7 Thick Cross - Greek cross, symbolizes hope

8 Pepper - the use of the “cornicello” started in the Mediterranean area in the Neolithic period as a symbol of fortune


Recycled  jeans lined with cotton, cotton & silk ribbon with crystals, cotton tassel and Zama charms


ribbon 90x 1 cm

pocket jeans 9 x 5 cm

tassel 3 cm